Tufted and wilton carpet

We recommend to fix the wall to wall carpet to the surface with EC-1 glue.

The use of an underlay is also possible.

Unfixed fitting, even in small rooms, is not recommended and at own risk.

Under office chairs it is recommended to place a protective shield.

Carpets with jute backing have to acclimate at least 24 hours to prevent shrinking and  water-based glue is not recommended.


flatwoven carpet


1. General

Inspect the material before installing. Please note: carpets made from natural raw materials such as wool and jute contain impurities and irregularities - thickenings in the jute are always to be expected - they are inherent to the carpet.

- Make a placement plan with as little loss as possible. Install the strips towards the window and try to make as few seams as possible.

- Measure and add 20 cm to the length - natural fibers will shrink under the influence of humidity and temperature changes.

-Maintain a smooth and dry surface (work cracks and irregularities with) jute - burlap and water are major enemies - moist surfaces cause shrinkage and mold.

2 Installation

- All strips must be laid in the same production direction

- 24 hours before installation, the carpet in the room must be acclimatized - unroll and provide an extra 5 cm at the edges.

- End seams are not recommended - use a profile if no other choice.

- The carpet can be laid loose, but this is not recommended:

-Carpet provides better walking comfort, better thermal and acoustic properties and it improves wear behavior.

- Use a stable, thick and compact carpet underlay. Making seams is difficult here.

- We recommend fully gluing the carpet. Use a polyacrylic adhesive for this; a water-based glue causes shrinkage of the burlap backing.

- Cut the seams between 2 warp threads carefully, with a sharp knife or scissors (cut at the front) on both strips to be laid together (at approx. 5-10 cm from the side).

- Fix the selvedges of these seams with an anti-fray adhesive.

- Fold the carpet back 2m on both sides and glue. Respect the drying time of the glue.

- A light layer of glue will not be enough to absorb the tension in the carpet - use enough, otherwise you will get folds and bubbles.

- Close the seam and keep it closed while the adhesive hardens. If the seam is not perfectly closed, use your kneepad